How difficult to install our Car & Auto CD's & DVD's?

To assist in installing our Workshop Manual and Parts Catalogue CD's and DVD's we have given some guidance on how easy/difficult it is to install our CD/DVD. We do not supply any CD/DVD that we have not successfully managed to install on our own computers and has proven to operate reliably

Each CD or DVD is accompanied by installation instructions based on our experiences and reccomendation for successful installation.

However each computer has its own foibles and whilst we may have successfully installed a CD or DVD we cannot guarantee 100% you may not have some form of problem. In cases where problems do arise we will try as far as possible to try and resolve these with you wherever possible. This however can be difficult if you are installing under an operating system we have not as yet been able to test!

Please bear in mind that we are not however computer experts and therefore cannot guarantee to be able to resolve all problems. We do not provide refunds on software where there is no fault with the product and/or where you have attempted installation on an operating system we have not yet tested.

Our Car/Auto CD's have been broken down into various levels of difficulty and the following gives some additional information on these

Level 1 -

These are vehicle CD/DVD's where the information is in a common format compatible with, as far as we are aware, all operating system with correct reader. This data does not require any installation on your computer and no dedicated programs. Typically these will often be in Adobe pdf format with images in common formats such as jpeg, bmp, tif etc.

Level 2 -

These are CD/DVD's which are normally a dedicated program of some type where the program and perhaps some data requires to be installed on the PC. Installation will normally be straightforward with you following an installation program with typically decisions on language, installation format etc (Nothing complicated!). These are straightforward to install and we are not aware of any known issues with the operating systems listed.

Level 3 -

These will generally work on the same principal as Level 2 but will be a more involved installation/operation. These may involve date changes to install/operate or installation of specific compatible sub programs to ensure operation. In general these should install without problems provided instructions are followed carefully.

Level 4 -

These are installations which are quite involved with various stages to be undertaken and lengthy installation instructions, perhaps involving changing file names on installation, date changes, etc. These also include installations where issues have been known to have arisen. However these will all have been successfully installed and operated by ourselves prior to supply. We would suggest that this level of installation should not be attempted unless you are confident with computer operation or can seek assistance from somebody!


If you have any specific questions regarding our Automotive products prior to purchase do not hesitate to contact us.

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