How it all works

Within this site are databases covering different types of car parts, a list of these and their descriptions can be found in the parts index.

Each database has a list of headings giving descriptions of the parts, these headings are:-

Manufacturer- who made the vehicle the part applies to, some parts may fit many manufacturers vehicles, if so as many of these as possible are listed.

Model- which model of vehicle it applies to or this may also include additional manufacturers the parts are applicable to. If "Many" is in this column it will be a part that can be applicable to any vehicle or too many to list

Description- pretty obvious, this gives a description of the part available

Qty- how many of these items are available for sale

Man.- This gives the manufacturer of the part offered, note this may not be the original vehicle manufacturer but may be an after market item.

Part No.- this is the part number for the item concerned, this would normally be the manufacturers part number but may also include equivalent part numbers where these are better known.

Lamp No.- this really only applies to Lucas lamp assemblies where the complete lamp may have a different number from an individual part. Additional part number may also be fond in this column.

Cond.- this column describes the condition of the item offered, four conditions are suggested-

N - This indicates a new item, preferably boxed but not necessarily. these items should be in new condition, corroded lamp assemblies are not new just because they have never actually been fitted and are still in their original soggy box having spent 10 years at the bottom of a garden shed!

1 - These are items that are very close to new, they should show little signs of wear or damage and should work perfectly.

2 - These are items that are slightly damaged or have higher levels of wear and tear. they should however be legal and fit for purpose.

3 - These are items that will require work prior to being suitable for use. This might include a worn engine, corroded bodyshell etc

Price - This is pretty obvious, this is the asking price for the item in question. Check what currency this is in and note this does not include carriage.

The literature database is slightly different but in general follows the same pattern.