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Database Descriptions

Parts information is held on a number of databases each split up under different sections. In each section each part is listed based on vehicle manufacturer then model etc, have a look, its easy to follow once youv'e seen it.

There are a couple of ways to find parts:-

1) Firstly we have added a search facility that will let you put in a single model or part number and see what appears

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2) Alternatively you can browse through each individual database to see what is there.

A combination of both methods might be best bearing in mind that your part may be common to other vehicles or the part number is not known.

Database are split up into the following:-

 Braking System Car Parts

Braking system- cover all braking related items e.g. brake linings, shoes, pipes, servos, handbrake cables etc.

 Engine Parts

Engine & ancillaries- this basically covers all the items you would normally see if you lifted the bonnet of your car except those directly related to other areas such as electrical and brakes. Typical items include complete engines, radiator hoses, carbs. fan belts, etc.

 Trim & Bodywork Parts

Exterior trim & Bodywork- this covers all exterior items of the car including glass and trim but not parts directly relating to lighting & electrical. typical items include body panels, trim strips, windscreen, badges, etc.

Gearbox & Transmission Parts

Gearbox & transmission- this covers gearbox related items including clutch, transmission shafts and axles. Typical items include clutch plates & cables, speedometer cables, universal joints, half shafts etc.

  Interior trim & Fittings

Interior trim & fittings- This covers the majority of the items you find inside the car excluding electrical items. typical items include seat covers, trim panels, door handles, dash trims, carpets etc.

 Lighting & Electrical Parts

Lighting & Electrical- This covers a wide range of items including lights, lens, bulbs, dashboard guages (electrical), alternators, ignition parts etc.

 Manuals, Handbooks & Other Car Literature

 Literature - in here your will find written publications, this could include after market manuals, manufacturers manuals, handbook's, sales literature etc.

 Miscellanous Car Parts

Misc- This is everything I could not find another place for, could include wheels, tyres, models, signs, accessories etc who knows what might be in here.

Suspension & Steering Parts

Suspension & steering - This includes all that keep you off the ground and in a straight line. typical items include ball joints, springs, shock absorbers, track rod ends, king pins, bearings etc.

 Car Parts Wanted

Wanted- I'm sure you can work this one out!


Of course there are a number of items that can fall into two or more section, is a rear axle bearing transmission or suspension? As the sections are arranged by manufacturer and model it is not too time consuming to check any other sections that might be relevant.

It is also important to note that many parts have applications on different vehicles. The part you require may NOT be listed under your vehicle but under another manufacturer. This is especially relvent in the suspension & steering and braking section where vastly different vehicle may have the same componenets. It is also relevant in specialist or kit cars where manufacturers of these often used parts from mass manufacturers, Lotus used parts from Ford, BL, Toyota etc over the years and are still doing so. If you are not totally aware of all cross references for your vehicle it might be best to check all entries, you may even learn something new.

You may also find that the same vehicle may be under a different manufacturer. It is worth cross checking between manufacturers such as BL, Austin, BMC, Riley, MG etc depending on the vehicle age and type. Other common manufacturers include Rootes, Sunbeam, Hillman, Talbot etc. Their are probably lots more similar situations and this does not take into account identical vehicles manufactured under different names in different countries!

If in doubt keep looking.


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