Austin / Morris 1800 Workshop Manual & Parts Catalogue

This is an electronic version of the Austin & Morris 1800 workshop manual & Parts Catalogue contained on a CD. This workshop manual also covers Wolseley 1800, 18/85 and MKII version as well as MKII "S" versions of these British Leyland (BL) vehicles.

Also commonly known by the name Landcrab

Workshop Manual is publication AKD 4138 (7th Edition) from 1969

Parts Catalogue is Microfiche AKM1143 from January 1979 covering Austin & Morris 1800 & 2200, Wolseley 18/85 & Six

The areas covered in this Workshop Manual include-

Engine - 1800, including exhaust system and 1800 MKII and S version. Engine removal.

Ignition System

Cooling System

Fuel System - SU Carburretors, AUF200 fuel pump inc MKII and S


Gearbox - Manual - Cable gear change, Differnetial

Gearbox - Automatic - Selector Lever, Fault Diagnosis

Drive Shafts

Suspension - Hydrolastic,

Steering - Manual

Steering - Power Steering

Braking - Hand Brake, Brake Servo (Girling Powerstop MKII, MKIIB & Girling Super Vac) including MKII "S"

Electrical - Alternator, Dynamo, Lights, Wipers, Starter, Instruments, Circuit Diagrams.

Wheels & Tyres

Body - Bumpers, Doors, Fascia, Grille, Heater, Seats, Trunk, Seat Belts, Body Alignment, Locks, Dashboard.


Images are in Adobe Acrobat format and Adobe Acrobat Reader is included on the disk (If not already on your computer)

Also included are a range of images of Austin Morris 1800 vehicles.


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