The Classic Network Shop!

Welcome to our latest development our Classic Car & Auto spares shop.

Whilst the main emphasis of our site is on autojumble sometimes that vital part is just not available as "New Old Stock" or when available has sufferred the ravages of time (not all materials like 30 years of storage!) In some cases a reproduction part can even be better made from newer materials or with design flaws removed.

The aim of our "shop" is to bring together a range of products that fit this catagory. These are items that have been re-manufactuered or may never have been available at the time or have benefitted from modern materials or new developments.

So whatever your classic car, or indeed we have items for many modern cars, this area of our site is worth a look. Main categories are listed below with links to catagory index where the list of options or models are displayed. Where possible we have dedicated a page to each item with a full description and details. For more information on each catagory click on the highlighted link.


Data on CD - Certainly not available in the era of classic cars - a wide range of data for classic, and modern, cars is now available on CD for easy use and printing. This includes electronic parts catalogues and technical information systems

Lamp Gaskets - Over the years even "new old stock" gaskets and seals harden or have been stored twisted or indeed are totally missing from any new lamps you find. With new lamps often costing £100.00 or more fitting new gaskets and seals is cheap insurance against future corrosion, failure and electrical damage. Typically available for Lucas and Butler lamps used in BL and Ford vehicle ranges

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