BMW Accessory Retrofit Fitting Guide & Instructions

BMW Accessory Fitting Guide (EBA)

The BMW Retrofit Accessory Guide (EBA) is the system used by BMW garages and technicians.

The BMW Retrofit Accessory guide is a necessity for updating and adding extras to your BMW as well as assisi ting in work associated with these accessories.

As well as retrofit installation guides this CD contains part numbers of all relevant accessory kits allowing confirmation of relevant part numbers for your BMW vehicle. If purchasing accessories either from dealer, E-Bay etc you can check by BMW part number that this is the correct accessory/upgrade for your vehicle.

The Accessory fitting guide is also useful if carrying out any work on your BMW Automobile as it shows relevant installation & disassembly procedures.

This Dealer accessory guide covers items such as-

Multimedia Systems-

DVD systems, CD changers, CD Players, Blutooth phone systems, Hands free phone systems, loudspeakers, amplifiers, aerials, GPS/Navigation Systems

Exterior & Bodywork-

Spoilers, Side Skirts, Decor trim, Wheel Arches, Fog lamps, Headlights, Bull Bar, Aerodynamic Packages, cycle carriers, parking sensors, Hardtop installation, Electric hood installation. Rear view Cameras, Towbar, Xenon Headlights.

Interior Fittings-

Alarm systems, Air Conditioning, Multifunction Steering wheels, Cruise Control, Sports seats, Leather trim, Airbags, Dipping & Electric Rear view Mirrors, Interior trim, Pedals, Child Car Seat, Additional instruments, Seat Ventilation.

And lots more!

This BMW EBA CD is version 2.2.0 dated 09/2003

BMW EBA covers:

Model & Engine type
BMW E38, 7 series

725tds (M51), 728i (M52), 728iL (M52), 730d (M57), 730i (M60), 730iL (M60), 735i (M62), 735iL (M62), 740d (M67), 740i (M60), 740iL(M60), 740iLP (M62), 750i (M73), 750iL (M73), 750iLP (M73), 750iLS (M73), L7 (M73)

BMW E39, 5 series 518i (N42), 520d (M47), 520i (M52), 523i (M52), 523i 2.4 (M52), 525d (M57), 525i (M54), 525td (M51), 525tds (M51), 528i (M52), 530d (M57), 530i (M54), 535i (M62), 540i (M62), 540iP (M62), M5 (S62).
BMW E36 & E46, 3 series 316g (M43), 316i 1.6 (M40, M43 & M43TU)316i 1.9 (M43), 316Ci (M43), 316Ti (N40), 318i (M40 & M43), 318is (M42), 318tds (M41), 318ti (M42 & N42), 318Ci (M43), 318d (M47), 318TD (M47TU), 320i (M50 & M52), 320CD (M47/TU), 320Ci (M52), 320d (M47), 320TD (M47TU), 323i (M52), 323ti (M52), 323Ci (M52), 323Ci 2.4 (M52), 325i (M50 & M54), 325is (M50), 325td (M51), 325tds (M51), 325Ci (M54), 325Ti (M54), 325Xi (M54), 328i (M52), 328Ci (M52), 330CD (M57TU), 330Ci (M54), 330CSi (M54), 330d (M57), 330i (M54), 330XD (M57), 330Xi (M54), M3 (S50 & S54), M3 3.2 (S50), M3 CSL (S54), M-Coupe (S54), M-Roadster (S50), Z3 (M43), Z3 1.8 (M43TU).
BMW E52, 8 series (Z8) S62 Engine
BMW E53, X5 series X5 (M54), 3.0d (M57), 3.0i (M54), 4.4i (M62), 4.6iS (M62TU)
BMW E60 & E61, 5 series 520i (M54), 525d (M57/TU), 525i (M54), 530d (M57TU), 530i (M54), 545i (N62), M5 (S85|),
BMW E65, E66 & E67, 7 series 730Li, 730d, 730i, 735i, 735iL, 735Li, 740d, 745i, 745iL, 745Li, 760i, 760iL, 760Li
Z3 M-Coupe (S54), M-Roadster (S54), Z3 (M44), 1.8 (M43), 1.9 (M43), 2.0 (M52), 2.5 (M52), 2.8 (M52), 3.0 (M54), Coupe (M52), M3.2 (S50).
BMW E85, Z4 series 2.2 (M54), 2.5 (M54), 3.0 (M54)
Mini Series R50 & R53 Cooper (W10), Cooper S (W11), Mini One (W10)


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BMW Accessory Retrofit Guide
BMW EBA Accessories
BMW Mini Accessory Fitting Guide
BMW 3 Series Accessory Fitting Guide


1 x CD, 670MB


Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP Pro 32 bit, Win 7.


Dedicated Program


Level 2 - Straightforward (Click on link for further details)

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