Standard Vanguard Parts Catalogue

Standard Vanguard Sportsman Parts Catalogue

This CD contains scanned images of the Standard Vanguard Sportsman Parts Catalogue. The parts catalogue is part number 505329, Commision number T.D.D.I. onwards. (First Edition)

Many of the parts listed are also applicable to the Triumph TR2 and Triumph TR3. Other parts are applicable to the Vanguard Series 1, 2 & 3 as well as Standard "Small Car" 8 & 10hp.

In general this parts list would be useful to anybody working with vehicles in the Standard range as well as Triumph TR2 and TR3 sports cars.

The parts catalogue index identifies which parts are applicable to other Triumph and Standard models.

Whilst primarily a parts catalogue the exploded diagrams provided may well be useful in the repair & maintenace of your Standard Vanguard Sportman

The areas covered in this Parts Catalogue include-





Engine Mounting

Chassis Frame - Front

Front Suspension

Rear Axle

Rear Suspension

Propellor Shaft

Road wheel


Change Speed Mechanism

Acceleration Control

Master Cylinder

Cultch & Brake Pedals

Hydraulic Pipes


Exhaust Systems

Petrol System


Miscellanous Chassis Details


Electrical Equipment

Body & Fittings

Miscellanous Body Fittings

Special Body Fititngs


Also on the CD are various images and a welding manual.

Images are in Adobe Acrobat format and Adobe Acrobat is included on the disk (If not already on your computer)


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