Terms & Conditions

If you come across this page then please note that these terms and conditions are not applicable as we no longer sell CD/DVD information

1) All information on CD is supplied on the basis of being back up copies for your original material and as such are copies - you are responsible for how you use this material

2) Payment - payment by PayPal is the preferred method, this is both safe for you and ensures we are paid. On many pages costs are given for either UK or overseas postage. Overseas is normally £1.00 per CD higher in cost to cover additional Air Mail. If an overseas option is not given contact us first. If you use the UK payment cost and provide an overseas delivery address you will get an additional invoice for extra costs (PayPal charge me more for having two seperate transactions therefore I will charge you more!)

If you wish to pay by any other method please contact us. We do not accept bank transfers so don't ask, we will accept cheques in pound sterling, bank drafts or Postal Orders but goods will not be sent until these have fully cleared our account.

Payments must be paid in pounds sterling, the only exception being payment in cash in Euros (No Euro cheques or other forms of Euro transfer etc.) If sending cash we recommend sending by registered post or some form of means that requires a signature. We take no responsibility if your cash is lost in the post.

And please do not try any dodgy tricks, money back deals, paying over the odds etc from West Africa, Far East, etc, we have seen most of them and if we have any doubts we just won't entertain dealing with you.

3) Delivery, UK- we attempt to get items in the post as soon as possible however our operation is run as a part time hobby and so we can only dedicate limited time to it. If we are on holiday or away on other work related issues it can take some time to get your CD out to you. On that basis it could be 2-3 weeks before we get your CD to you. If you have any particular delivery requirements please contact us before ordering. Bear in mind that if we are away your E-mail may not get answered so please do not panic if you do not get a reply immediately.

4) Delivery, overseas - this can generally take a couple more weeks than UK so please be patient with us.

5) Returns - CD's will only be replaced once returned to us (at your cost) and found to be faulty. We do not replace CD's because you just "didn't want it" once it is supplied. This is for the obvious reason that the majority of these are easily copied. If faulty we will provide a replacement CD at no further cost to you or provide you with a refund less postage costs.

6) Support - We do the utmost to include on our site details of the CD format, ease of installation etc. If a problem arises we will try and offer advice however we are not IT experts and cannot answer every problem some of which may be unique to your PC. Some CD's require a reasonable level of proficiency in use of a PC system, where this is required we will indicate this before purchase. If in doubt do not purchase.

7) Liability - Many of the CD's we provide are aimed at use by trained and professional mechanics and engineers and as such may not contain basic information. We accept no responsibility for your incorrect use of the information supplied or for errors in the information. Remember your vehicle is a complicated system that requires correct and proper repairs and maintenance. If you have any doubts as to how to use the information supplied or your competence in vehicle repairs DO NOT attempt them! This is especially important in relation to safety critical items such as brakes, steering, suspension etc. If you fail to undertake repairs correctly and manage to damage your vehicle or kill yourself that's your stupidity. But if in the process you injure other members of the public, your family or me coming in the other direction etc. then that is a different matter.

8) Lost goods - We do not include insurance on any goods posted. If you want this as an extra please let us know before ordering. If goods are lost in the post (very rare) then we will claim via the Post Office as we always keep proof of postage. However this process takes several weeks so please be patient with us on this.

As this is a hobby operated from home you will not find our address or telephone number on the site. I get enough Spam E-mail without adding to this with unsolicited mail or telephone calls. If paying by cheque we will obviously furnish address details but for this reason only. Likewise we take the security of your contact details as an important matter and these will not be passed on to any third party. We do reserve the right to include you on any marketing we undertake to advise you of new products that we feel may be of interest. (However we have yet to have enough time to do this and have yet to issue anything in the last couple of years so there is little chance of you being pestered by us!)

A few comments from customers:-

"hi - thanks for the quick reply to my order i am very happy with the products and would recomend you to others
kind regards
peter" (UK)

REGARDS". (Canary Islands, Spain)

"Just received the CD. This is light years ahead of the Haynes manual i have and will prove invaluable in fault finding. I have an intermittant electrical problem and have been bashing my head against a brick wall trying to get decent information.I am well impressed with the CD and will certainly recommend you to anyone i know.Thanks for that,Shaun" (UK)

If you want a few more details on us please take a look at this PAGE

Finally - If you don't like our terms and conditions don't buy from us! as noted this is just a hobby for us and I can do without the grief for the sake of a sale. We have many very happy and satisfied customers in the UK, Europe and around the world. We are honest and straightforward in our dealings with people and expect to be treated the same way.

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