Audi, Volkswagen ( VW ), Seat, & Skoda Parts Catalogue (EPC / ETOS)

The VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC / ETOS) is a must for any owner of a vehicle from the Audi, Volkswagen (VW), Seat & Skoda group. This is an electronic parts catalogue covering all these models and is a mine of information to the user. This VAG EPC / ETOS CD allows you to compare between the model ranges and find compatable parts and numbers.

As you are aware many vehicles across the Audi, Volkswagen (VW) Seat & Skoda range are built using the same platforms and parts. My Skoda Octavia uses an engine that can also be found in the Audi TT, Seat and Golf! There are many similarities across the range and this EPC / ETOS CD helps you to identify where these occur.

This CD is a fantastic source of parts information going right back to the first VW Beetle. Important information can be gleaned for the Audi Quattro range of vehicles, early Skodas and rarer versions of the Volkwagen family such as Rallye, Corrado etc along with the Seat range and a lot more.

The exploded diagrams also help in assembly & disassembly of items.

Audi - Seat - Skoda - Volkswagen

Audi Parts Catalogue:-

Seat Parts Catalogue:-

Skoda Parts Catalogue:-

Volkswagen Parts Catalogue:-

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