Want to Advertise with Classic Spares Network?


Classic Spares Network has established itself as one of the top destinations for many people out looking for car and auto related parts and information. Our site has established itself due to hard work and relevent content and information of interest to our visitors.

We do not have excessive fancy graphics or massive files to download, our site is designed for customers with a serious interest in finding the information they require. This is no idle boast, you can easily check this yourself by just putting relevent search terms into Google and other search engines and see where Classic Spares Network and our original Tesco based site is listed. Hopefully in the first page! (The chances are this is how you have found us to start with)

Our approach does not tend to lead to massive numbers of visitors, we are now up at about 100 per day (August 2005). However each one of these has entered a very relevent search term that has lead them to our pages. They have been actively looking for some form of car or auto related spare part or manual be it for a classic or modern vehicle. They are not generally just idlely surfing the net but are out in the market to spend money on a product or service.

Of course our site is about making revenue for ourselves, we are not in the game of building massive directories, links farms or other non relevent content. We do of course need links but I hope you will find that these are all relevent to the theme of our site or are Scottish orientated (Yes we are based in bonny Scotland!)

Having now established our presence we are now looking to broaden our revenue streams by offering other site owners the chance to advertise on our site and use it as a gateway to promoting your products and services. What do we have in mind?

Well if you sell Ford car spares then a banner on one of our Ford pages could be just the thing. If a customer is looking for a manual for his Ford then it stands to reason he will also be looking for spare parts. Likewise for Audi, Rover, Lotus, Jaguar and quite a few more.

Perhaps you sell insurance, or car polish or any other product or service that may be relevent to any car owner. Then again our site may well be an ideal opportunity for you.

You might even be a competitor! well we are not fussy, like any true Scotsman we will take your money! So if you are also into selling vehicle literature or autojumble & car spares we would also be pleased to work with you.

This is a new venture for us so we are just getting our heads round this but the basics are as follows:-

1) One banner per page will be offerred, no other advertiser will be on that page (apart from us of course!)

2) Banner will be limited to 30K size and 468 x 68 pixels in size

3) Banners can be taken monthly of for 12 month blocks

4) Cost of banner for 1 month is £50.00 or 12 months at £30.00 per month. (no VAT applicable)

5) Payment must be made in advance, no banner will go up until payment is recieved in full in cleared funds.

6) No guarantees are made as to how many vistors you will receive. We do not offer fancy software to tell you how many people have visited you or anything like this it is up to you to track incoming links from our site.

7) Whilst we endevour to have the site up and running for 100% of the time we are in the hands of our service provider (who seems pretty good) so we cannot be held responsible for any downtime and/or asscoiatted lost advertising time.

8) If for any reasons the site fails permenantly (ie I am run over by a bus) we will enedevour to return any outstanding advertising payments

Well thats about it for now. As mentioned we are just looking into this so bear with us. We aim to provide a genuine service and your assurance of this is that we are a site trying to sell our own products, as we work to increase our success you as an advertiser will benefit from this. Unlike many site which I feel have been developed as a links directory with limited content that once a certain number of advertisers (mugs) have paid there money they then stop developing and move on to the next site.

So if you are interested in this give us an E-mail and lets see what we can do.