Lamp Gaskets & Seals

(For classic and vintage cars & Autos)

As we all know it is attention to detail that makes an outstanding restoration stand out from a good one. It is also some of these smaller details that can make your restored car a pleasure to use and own or a case of ongoing frustration

One of these smaller details are lamp and light gaskets and seals. Often not considered as important these are often reused or hurriedly made from the nearest bit of foam lying round the garage. However many new seals are available and at very low cost compared with the price of a new light unit, here are a few things to consider:-

1) Gasket and seal material is designed to mould to the contours of your lamp/car body, if removed after a period of time this memory is retained and it wil NOT seal correctly if reused. (would you reuse a cylinder head gasket?)

2) Many old gasket and seal materials used deterorate with use and will crumble, harden, crack etc. When removed these often just fall apart.

3) Trying to reuse an old seal it may require far more sealing pressure than using a new one resulting in overtightened screws and bolts leading to cracked lens, twisted bodywork and cracked paint finishes.

4) Whilst New Old Stock lights may well come with seals these again may have deteriorated with age or have been stored twisted - these will not seal properly.

5) A disintegrating lamp to body seal can allow the lamp unit to become slack on the body. This can lead to movement, damage to paint finsh, rust and porr earthing. (and of course can then allow water into your boot leading to more expensive corrosion)

6) Needless to say but a poor seal between lamp body and lens is obviously going to let water and dirt into your expensive new light fitments!

7) Once full of water, or condensation, electrical contacts wil corrode, short circuits will occur, fuses blow and/or damage to electrical wiring even potential fires.

8) Of course if your light don't work right apart from the frustration this will result in MOT failure and/or attention from Mr Plod!

With many seal sets costing around £15.00 or less it is a cheap investement against the catalogue of expensive problems listed above!

Our Car & Auto seals and gaskets have been manufactured using original tooling and using similar, or better, materials. We are presently expanding the range as much as possibly and will be adding additional items in the future however can presently offer the following items. So whether you lamps were manufactured by Lucas or BL, Ford or Butler of any one of many lamp and light manufacturers its worth having a look at these items:-









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