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So what is the Classic Spares Network?

Classic Spares Network started as Autojumble on the internet where you can buy all kinds of parts and pieces to support your classic, or modern vehicle. Our site contains Autojumble, lots of Auto Jumble. This is an Autojumble, one that you can browse from the comfort of your home. Whether you are interested in Classic cars, veteran cars, vintage cars or just old antique cars (even some modern cars & kit cars) you may well find something here for you.

We also have a wide range of information on data that is now available in electronic format on CD & DVD. This includes Workshop Manuals (Shop Manuals) & Parts Catalogues. This data has often been taken from original paper workshop manuals, Microfiche and Parts Catalgues or is data originally provided by the manufacturers in electronic format.

Like any good autojumble you never know what you may find. There are pristine new car parts all identified and priced accordingly, there is also new classic car parts with part numbers that only you may recognise this is where you may well get a bargain. And of course the "boxes" of parts that nobody knows what they are! (remember like any good auto jumble prices may well be "negotiable" especially for volume!)

Parts are arranged in databases covering items such as brakes, steering, suspension, trim, bodywork, electrical etc. In these you will find parts listed by car manufacturer such as BMC, BL, Ford, Renault, Citroen, MG, Triumph, Vauxhall, Fiat, Peugeot etc. its all here.

Of course as a British based site the majority of products cover British & English car & auto parts. So you will find many BL car parts as well as parts from British car manufacturers such as Triumph, Rover, Jaguar, Daimler, MG, Wolsley, Morris, Austin, Lotus, Morgan, BMC, Bentley, Rolls Royce, TVR, Vanden Plas, Rootes, Vauxhall and many more

Oh and no apologies for the web site, my expertise is not in creating fancy graphics etc. This site is here for those interested in the content more than the presentation. (OK that's my excuse I hope to get better at this in time!)

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