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Car Clubs:-

A40 Farina Club - Enthusiasts club for what might be regarded as the first modern hatchback, introducing the shape used by every modern car manufacturer

British Saloon Car Club of Canada - Enthusiasts club for what those interested in British saloons, needless to say but is based in Canada

English Ford Club Netherlands - Dutch club specialising in Ford cars, Cortinas, Escorts, Granada, Anglia, Zodiac, RS etc

Ford Mk1 Cortina Page

Lotus Road Cars - aimed at Lotus Excel mainly

National Street Rod Association- Check out some of the vehicles here, whilst some purists may argue about modifying what may be regarded as "classic" cars you cannot argue with the dedication of these guys and the time and effort that goes into building these vehicles. Not to mention the fun in blowing away the latest hot hatch with your 1940's rod!

Club Peugeot UK

The Association of Rootes Car Clubs

Triumph Classic Cars - Seems to have details on all classics not just Triumphs

The Vintage Triumph Register

The Mark1 Triumph 2000 & PI Owners Site

The Vanden Plas Owners Club - Covers all Vanden Plas models from early coach built cars to the later Metros, Rovers, Jaguars, Allegros, 1100/1300, etc.

The Vauxhall Viva Owners Club

Miscellanous sites:-

 5 Star Shine - New Technology Eliminates Waxing Forever! - Another means of making your car easy to clean. Sounds good and some impressive testamonials but quite pricey!

Add A CD Changer - This site gives you options if you want to upgrade your existing standard fit ICE or add something new. UK based site covering most cars. - Another obvious one for you, handy if you are flying off somewhere

Bayford Thrust - This is the company that is gradually putting leaded petrol back on the street despit the best efforts of our governments, EEC, conservationists, etc. Check this site for the location of your nearest supplier. Unfortunately still rather thin on the ground, especially in Scotland (shame since we produce all the oil!) - Pretty self explanitory if you want to hire a car in UK or overseas

Classic Alfa - Supplier of classic Alfa Romeo parts, accessories & cars , Bertone, Spider etc

Dave Irving - Some excellent sketches of various forms of transport including classic cars and racing cars. Well worth a look and you can purchase prints off the site.

Direct Audi Parts - US site supplying a range of Audi automotive parts and accessories. Good source of support for American Audi owners of Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi TT, Audi Q7, Audi A6 & Audi A8 models. - Build your own electric supercharger! a novel idea and worth a look if your are into DIY power

I Wanna Mini - UK site aimed at the New BMW Mini

LamboLooks - Lambo Door Conversion convert your vehicles stock doors into vertical lamborghini style scissor doors

Marks Motor Books - All sorts of manuals and data sheets for a wide cross section of vehicles.

MightyGPS - Suppliers of a wide range of hand held and in car GPS systems and accessories. Know where you are next time you breakdown!

New Car Buying Secrets - US based site however information on how dealers work etc is probably just as valid to us over here.

New Car Dealers - US based site of interest if you are looking to purchase a car with pricing, reveiws etc.

Opel/GM Spares - This is a garage in Athens which seem to have a large supply of old Opel and GM for models such as Olympia, Rekord, Kadett, Astra, Corsa, Ascona, Manat etc parts going back into the 60's etc. They do not have a web site but thought this was worth mentioning. If you wish to contact them E-Mail them at

Paint Scratch Automotive Touch up Paint - Mail order supplier of paint, US based so bit thin on European motors especially if never sold in USA but worth a look. Have pretty good links section

Patrick W Davis - Wanting to make money selling cars? This guy has all the answers if you first buy his book! but who knows might just be the answer to a new career.

Plates 4 Less - Good site for searching for personalised number plates.

Powerflex Polyurethane Bushes - I fitted these to a Ford Sierra and it certainly improved the handling and meant I was not replacing anti roll bar bushes every 20,000 miles or less. Worth considering if you are having to replace any bushes. - Looking for a personalised number plate? this site is certainly worth a visit. Ease to view whats available and to get pricing.

Smart Park - Suppliers of parking sensor kits so you don't dent your pride and joy.

Super Fine Shine Inc - Chrome platers and metal polishers based in Ohio, USA. Cover cars and bikes and anything else you want to polish up!

Truck Accessories etc - American site with a wide range of items if you are into pick up trucks or simliar vehicles.

West Side Chevrolet - American, Houston based car dealer


Sites of interest in Scotland:-

Aberdeen Worldwide Web - local site with lots of Aberdeen and Scottish related links

Crail Airfield - So you think your car is the fastest or smartest around? heres the place to prove it. Regular vists from some of the top magazines where if your car really is the best you could see it in print!

Grampian Transport Museum - Museum and track, numerous events throughout the year including autojumbles, shows, sprints and other events. need somewhere to hold an event? why not try the mueum.

Knockhill Racing Circuit - Scotlands Premier Motorsport circuit

Museum of Flight, East Fortune - Has the odd car related event as well

National Driver Information and Control System -With a title like this has to be government! The site to tell you what road they are digging up next amongst other exciting information! Has webcams of various road for those who never get out.

Para-Med 1 - These are the guys you don't want to meet close up! based in Scotland they provide medical support at events around the country.

Scottish Multimedia - This has a selection of Scotland related links of all types.

Scottish Vintage Bus Museum - As well as buses they hold a number of transport related events throughout the year.

Twentieth Century Classic Ltd - This is a classic car dealer here in the North east of Scotland. They have a diverse range of classic ready to go as well as a few restoration projects for the brave.

UK Motoring Directory - The home of British motoring.

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