Citroen CX Workshop Manual

This is a scanned version of the Citroen official Citroen CX Workshop Manual number 818, Volume 1, dated February 1975

Manual 1 covers Characteristics, Adjustments & Checks for the Citroen CX range. (Volume 2 covers Removal/Fitting items and additional information on Electric, Heating & AC whilst Volume 3 deals with Citroen CX Diesel)

Despite being only volume 1 this is a very comprehensive manual covering a wide range of areas in great detail.

Information in this Citroen workshop manual is in English. Workshop manual is in pdf format and Adobe reader is included on the CD


Models in manual are:-


Citroen CX 2000 - 9/1974 on

Citroen CX 2200 - 1/1975 to 1/1976

Citroen CX 2200 Diesel - 12/1975 on (Doesn't include "Diesel" bits!)

Citroen CX Prestige - 2/1976 on

Citroen CX 2400 - 9/1976 on

Citroen CX 2400Gti - 5/1977 on

Estate & Ambulances

Citreon CX 2000 - 1/1976 on

Citreon CX 2200 Diesel - 2/1976 on (Doesn't include "Diesel" bits!)

Citreon CX 2400 - 9/1976 on

Citreon CX 2000, 2200 & 2400 Ambulance - 9/1976 on

Chapters include:-

General - Specifications and working practises
CX Engine - Engine adjustments, Carburation adjustments, Fuel injection, Ignition system, Oil pressures, Cooling system. (Engines - M20/616, M22/617, M23/623, M23/622)
CX Clutch - Characteristic, adjusting, torque convertor.
CX Gearbox - 4 speed, 5 speed, Torque Convertor.
CX Driveshafts
CX Hydraulic Reservoir & Pump - Checking components
CX Front Axle - Checking & Adjusting
CX Rear Axle - Checking & Adjusting
CX Suspension System, Checking & Adjusting, Anti Roll Bar.
CX Steering System - Manual & Power
CX Brakes - Checking, Bleeding & Adjusting.
CX Electrical systems - Wiring Diagrams (CX2000, CX2200, CX Pallas, CX Prestige, Super Estate) Characteristics, checking, Headlamps, Wipers, Air Conditioning, Froid 20.
CX Bodywork - Adjusting body panels, Doors, Bootlid, Bonnet, Rear Window.
CX Special Tools - Drawings


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