Lotus Elan M100 Workshop Manual

Lotus Elan M100 Workshop Manual

The Lotus Elan M100 Workshop Manual (TIS or Technical Information System) covers the Elan M100 from 1990. Information cover the Elan M100 NA (Normally Asperated) and the Elan M100 Turbo for both domestic, export and US markets.

Information is in Adobe Acrobat format and Abode Acrobat Reader is included on the CD.

Information contained on this Lotus Elan M100 Workshop Manual includes:-

VIN Numbers


Technical Data, engine & vehicle.


Paint Proceedure

Body Repair

Body Fittings

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension



Wheels & Tyres


Brake System

Engine Cooling

Fuel System

Maintenance & Lubrication

Heating & Ventilation (Inc Air Conditioning)


Exhaust System

Interior Trim


Also included on this CD is a 178 page manual on the Lotus Elan M100 engine management system including testing, codes, etc.

And finally there is the Lotus Elan M100 Wiring Diagrams.

We have also included a range of images of the Elan M100 along with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


1 x CD, 60MB


All Adobe Acrobat compatible systems


Adobe pdf & Images


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