Range Rover Discovery & Freelander Workshop Manual

Freelander, Discovery & Range Rover Workshop Manuals

This CD contains complete workshop/repair manuals on the Land Rover Freelander (up to VIN 576763), Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Models.

As well as Repair and Overhaul manuals covering engines, petrol & diesel, gearboxes and transfer boxes. Manuals include very detailed instructions on repair & maintenance of other areas including electrics and bodywork.

Also included with Land Rover Discovery & Freelander models are accessory fitting instructions - vital if upgrading your vehicle.

This manual would also be useful to any other vehicles using mechanical parts such as V8 engine, drivetrain etc. in there construction (Kit cars etc)

CD is the 2001 issue and contains the following model manuals/information-

Range Rover Classic Workshop Manual, 1995 edition, publication LRL 0030ENG

Engine Overhaul Manual, 300TDi, 1997 edition, publication LRL 0070ENG (Discovery, Defender & Range Rover Classic)

Engine Overhaul manual, 3.5, 3.9 & 4.2 V8 Engine, 1997 edition, publication LRL0164ENG (Discovery, Defender & Range Rover Classic)

Gearbox Overhaul manual, R380, 2000 edition, publication LRL 0003ENG, 3rd Edition, (Discovery 1995 on, Discovery 2, Defender 1995 on, Range Rover Classic 1995 on & New Range Rover)

Electrical troubleshooting, Range Rover Classic, 1995 on UK & Export, 1997 edition, publication LHAEMENR095 (2nd Edition)

Discovery Workshop Manual 1995 on, 1996 2nd Edition, publication LRL 0079 ENG

Discovery MPi up to 1996 (Engine No 135750), Engine Overhaul Manual, T Series, 1997 edition, publication LRL 0110 ENG

Discovery MPi from 1996 (Engine No 135751), Engine Overhaul Manual, T Series, 1997 edition, publication LRL 0111 ENG

Discovery & Defender, LT230Q Transfer Box overhaul Manual, 1997 2nd edition, publication LRL 0082ENG . (Discovery - Serial No Prefix 36D & 37D, Defender - Serial number Prefix 38D & 40D)

Range Rover Classic, Discovery & Defender, LT230T Transfer Box Overhaul Manual, 2000 3rd Edition, publication LRL 0081ENG. (Range Rover Classic - Serial No Prefix 14D, 15D, 20D, 26D, 27D, 28D & 30D. Discovery - Serial No Prefix 28D, 34D, 41D & 42D. Defender - Serial No Prefix 20D, 22D, 32D, 43D, 47D, 56D, 58D, 59D & 60D)

Discovery, 1995 on, Body Repair Manual, 1996 edition, publication LRL 0103ENG

Discovery, 1995, 1996 & 1997, UK & Export verions, Electrical trouble shooting guide.

Discovery, Owners Manual, UK, Export & Australian versions

Discovery, Accessory fitting instructions.

Freelander, Workshop Manual, 1999 5th Edition, publication LRL 0144ENG

Freelander, Engine Overhaul Manual, K Series, up to 2001(Serial No Prefix J78 & J79). 2000 2nd Editon, publication LRL 0158 ENG.

Freelander, Engine Overhaul Manual, L series Diesel, up to 2001. 2000 2nd Edition, publication LRL 0157 ENG.

Freelander, Gearbox Overhaul Manual, PG1 Manual (Petrol 1.8 engines, Serial no prefix S4EM, Diesel engines, Serial no Prefix S7EMU) 2000 2nd Edition, publication LRL 0159 ENG.

Freelander, Electrical Library, 1998 2nd Edition, publication LRL 0145ENG,

Freelander, Electrical Cicuit Diagrams, RHD & LHD

Freelander, Body Repair Manual, 1998, publication LRL 0154ENG

Freelander, Owners Handbook, 1999, UK & Export.

Freelander, Softback & Hardback Owners Guide.

Freelander, Accessory Fitting Instructions.

Freelander, Technical Brochure

Also included are-

Technical Bulletins, issue date 15/2/2001 covering Freelander, Range Rover, Range Rover Classic, Discovery & Defender.

Technical Information Catalogue (Lists all avaliable publications covering Range Rover, Range Rover Classic, Defender, Discovery & Freelander)

Information on the workshop manuals and tutorial on use of them.

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Range Rover Workshop Manual
Land Rover Discovery Workshop Manual
Land Rover Freelander Workshop Manual
Range Rover Shop Manual



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