Rover Legacy Parts Catalogue

Rover Legacy Models Electronic Parts Catalogue

The Rover Legacy Parts Catalogue (EPC) Is used by Rover garages in the day to day maintenance and repair of older Rover & British Leyland models from the 1980's

This parts catalogue covers the older Rover/Austin/British Leyland (BL) models including:-

Rover/BL Maestro

Rover/BL Metro

Rover/BL Mini

Rover/BL Montego

Rover 200

Rover 400

Rover 800

This Rover/Austin parts list covers models such as the MG Metro, MG Maestro, MG Montego, Maestro Turbo, Montego Turbo, Van Den Plas versions and all other models.

This is an electronic version of the older Microfiche covering these models but is far easier to use than microfiche. This CD contains parts numbers and associated illustrations as found on these Microfishe.

CD is dated 1998 and is version 2

The following models are covered in this Rover Parts Catalogue:-

VIN Number
Equivalent Microfiche
Maestro To January 1986 To VIN 367394 AKM 1163
  From January 1986 From VIN 367395 AKM 1176
Metro To October 1985 To VIN 145347 AKM 1155
3 & 5 door From October 1985 to September 1991 From VIN XF400202 to XF944211 AKM 1172
Mini From October 1980 to October 1985 To VIN 290002 AKM 1157
  November 1985 on From VIN 290003 AKM 1184
Montego To January 1986 To VIN 247734 AKM 1167
  January 1986 to November 1988 VIN 247735 to 464730 AKM 1180
  November 1988 on From VIN 464731 AKM 1192
Rover 200 To December 1988 To VIN 370499 RTC 9834
Rover 200, 3 & 5 door, Rover 400 October 1989 to October 1992 To VIN 605481  
Rover 800 To October 1988 To VIN 200604 AKM 1330
  October 1988 to October 1991 From VIN 200605 to 297485 AKM 1337

Other associated publications include:-

Classic Mini Workshop Manuals, 1959 to 1989

Rover & MGF Parts Catalogue, 2004 version covering Rover 25, 45, 75, MGF & MGTF, City, MGZT, MGZR, & MGZS

Rover & MGF Workshop Manual covering Rover Mini, 100, 200, 400, 600 & 800

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Rover Montego Maestro Mini and Metro Parts Catalogue
Rover and Austin Mini Parts Catalogue
Rover and Austin Metro Parts Catalogue
Mini Pick Up Parts Catalogue
Rover Austin Montego  Parts Catalogue
Rover Austin Montego Turbo Parts Catalogue


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