Skoda Octavia MK1 Workshop & Repair Manual

This CD contains a complete workshop/repair manual on the MkI Skoda Octavia Hatchback & Estate (Station Wagon/Tour)

Manual covers the Skoda Octavia from 1997 to 2004, the MK1 Octavia including Petrol & Diesel, Turbocharged, 2WD& 4WD (4 x 4), Hatchback (5 door), Estate (Tour) & WRC versions.

This is the Type 1U MK1 Skoda Octavia based on the Volkswagen/Audi A4 (PG34) platform. (This manual is not for the Skoda Octavia MK2, Typ 1Z but some information may be applicable)

Versions inlude Skoda VRS, 4 x 4, Elegance, Laurin & Klement, Ambiente & Classic.

Much of the information contained in this manual will also be applicable to owners of Volkswagen (VW) Audi and Seat vehicles which use many of the same mechanical assemblies and have many other parts in company with all VAG Group Vehicles. This includes Audi A3, Audi TT, Seat Leon, VW Golf MKIV, Volkswgen Bora & Volkswagen Beetle.

These manuals are essential to the repair and service of your Skoda Octavia MKI vehicle.

Manuals are in seperate pdf format and includes workshop manuals on-

Petrol Engine-

1.4L, 44Kw, engine code AMD, edition 09/03

1.4L, 44kw, engine code AXP (08.00 to 01.02) & BCA (01.02 onwards) edition 09.03

1.6L, 55kw, engine code AEE, edition 07.02, edition 07.02

1.6L, 74kw, engine code AEH (04.97 onwards) & AKL (08.97 onwards) edition 10.02

1.6L, 75kw, engine code AVU (10.00 to 04.02) & BFQ (05.02 onwards) edition 11.04

1.8L, 92kw, engine code AGN (08.96 to 07.97 & 08.97 to 05.99) edition 04.03

1.8L, 110kw, engine code AGU (from 02.98), engine code ARZ (05.99 to 08.00), AUM (from 08.00) ARX (from 09.00), edition 06.02

1.8L, 132kw, engine code AUQ (from 12.00), edition 07.02

2.0L, 85kw, engine code AEG (09.01 onwards) engine code APK (03.00 onwards) engine code AQY (04.99 to 02.02) engine code AZH (05.00 to 02.02) engine code ZJ (02.02 onwards), edition 04.03

Diesel Engine-

1.9L, 50kw, SDI, engine code AGP (04.97 to 07.00), engine code AQM (08.00 onwards), edition 11.03

1.9L, 66kw, TDI, engine code AGR (from 10/96) engine code ALH (08.00 onwards), edition 04.04

1.9L, 74kw, TDI, engine code ATD (08.00 onwards) edition 02.01

1.9L, 81kw, TDI, engine code AHF (08.97 onwards) engine code ASV (09.99 onwards), edition 11.99

1.9L, 96kw, TDI, engine code ASZ (12.02 onwards), edition 09.04

Fuel & Ignition system - Petrol

1.4L, 44kw, Simos 3PB Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 06.00

1.4L, 55kw, Motronic Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 04.02

1.6L, 55kw, 1 AVM Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 11.98

1.6L, 74Kw, Simos 2 Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 08.00

1.6L, 75kw, Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 10.04

1.8L, 92kw, Motronic Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 10.99

1.8L, 110kw, Motronic Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 07.04

1.8L, 132kw, Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 06.01

2.0L, 85kw, Fuel Injection & Ignition, edition 01.04

Fuel & Glow Plug system - Diesel

1.9L, 50kw, SDI, edition 12.00

1.9L, 66kw, TDI, edition 01.04

1.9L, 74kw, TDI, edition 12.03

1.9L, 81kw, TDI, edition 01.04

1.9L, 96kw, TDI, edition 12.03


5 speed manual, code 002, edition 09,00

5 speed manual, 4 wheel drive (4 x 4) code 02C, edition 08.02

5 speed manual, code 02J, edition 08.02

5 speed manual, code 02K, edition 12.02

6 speed manual, 02M, code FBS, FEM, ESW, FMU, ERF, FMH. Final drive 02, code FWU, edition 04.04

Automatic Gearbox, edition 06.03

Other Manuals-

General Body repairs, edition 05.05

Body Repairs, edition 04.04

Electrical system, edition 04.04

Heating & Air Conditioning, edition 03.01

Running Gear, edition 06.05

Additional Data:-

Skoda VRS Brochures, Road Report etc


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Skoda Octavia VRS Workshop Manual
Skoda 4 x 4 6 Speed
Skoda Octavia Body Repair Manual


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