Ford Sierra & Escort Cosworth Manuals


This CD is a scanned copy of the various workshop manuals and information on the Ford Sierra Cosworth and Ford Escort Cosworth. This includes a host of information not just on your standard Sierra or Escort Cosworth but also on Group A and Group N vehicle preparation.

The Sierra and Escort Cosworth engined vehicles by Ford are already regarded as classic's with rare versions such as the RS500 fetching premium prices. Escort Cosworths from the early 90's are still very sought after with the only "cheap" versions being the Sapphire and Sapphire 4 x 4 versions.

In terms of performance and value for money these Cosworth powered vehicles were, and still are, exceptional value for money. When the first Sierra Cosworth was introduced in the mid 80's it was sensational, supercar performance from a Ford! and one you could do the weekly shopping in.

Even in standard form these cars were exceptional but in terms of tuning the skys the limit, or the depth of your pockets. The Ford Cosworth DOHC turbo engine has vast potential for power and it is said to have been de-tuned to only give about 200bhp for the road going Sierra.

Scans on this CD are contained in Adobe Acrobat format allowing them to be read on any system with Adobe Reader installed. If you do not have this it is also included on the CD


The following areas covered in this Siera and Escort Cosworth CD.

Ford RS Cosworth Manual

Ford Sierra Saphire RS Cosworth Techncial & Fuel injection manual

Ford Sierra & Escort RS Workshop Manual Vol 1

Ford Sierra & Escort RS Workshop Manual Vol 2

Ford Sierra Cosworth Wiring Diagram

Ford Cosworth Engine management & Emission System

Ford Escort Cosworth Group N manual

Ford Escort Cosworth Group A manual

(Repeated information on group A & N manuals has not been included)

This Ford Cosworth CD also contains a collection of images of various Ford Sierra Cosworth and Ford Sierra Escort vehicles.

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