Ford Capri MKII & MKIII Workshop Manual


This is a DVD containing scanned copy of the Ford Capri MK2 & MK3 workshop manual. This manual inlcudes Volume 1, Volume 2 and Ford Capri 2.8i (Injection) Supplement.

This Ford Capri manual is essential to any owner of these classic Ford Capri's. Whilst primarily covering the MKII & MKIII Capri these workshop manuals also contain some details on the Ford Capri MKI

Data contained within these workshop manuals may also be of benifit to owners of other Ford vehicles with mechanical similarities such as Ford Cortina & Taunus, Ford Granada & Consul and Ford Escort MKI & MKII. This information also applies to other manufacturers vehicles using Ford engines and transmission such as TVR, Reliant Scimitar, etc.

This is a late version of these manuals with sections from 1982 so includes 5 speed gearbox and 2.8 injection information

Workshop manual is in Adobe Acrobat format and Adobe Reader is included on the DVD. (Note - DVD for use in computer ONLY!)

Capri Workshop Manual covers -

Capri MK2 & Capri MK3 (Some information on Ford Capri MK1)

1300cc OHV (Kent Crossflow) Engine

1600cc & 2000cc OHC (Pinto) Engine

2300cc V6 (Cologne) Engine, 2800cc V6 (Cologne) Injection Engine

3,000cc V6 (Essex) Engine

4 speed & 5 speed gearbox, Automatic gearbox

Ghia & GT models, L & XL models


Vol 1- Vol 2-
Introduction Cooling System
Vehicle Identification Exhaust System
Braking System Starting System
Steering Gear & Linkage Charging System
Power Steering Exterior Lights, Indicators, Horn, Wipers - 1978 on
Front Axle & Suspension Exterior Lights, Indicators, Horn, Wipers - Pre 1978
Rear Axle, Suspension & Driveshafts Interior Lights, Instruments, Controls, Senders- 1978 on
Manual Transmission & Clutch Interior Lights, Instruments, Controls, Senders - Pre 1978
Manual Transmission & Clutch (5 Speed) Heating & Ventilation
Automatic Transmission Wiring, Fuses & Bulbs
Engine - 1.3L, 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.3L, 2.8i, 3.0L Doors, handles & Lids
Engine 1980 onwards Windows & Operating Mechanism
Ignition System Interior & Exterior Trim - 1978 on
Fuel System Body & Sheet Metal
V.V. Carburettor Maintenance Schedule
  Braking System - Capri 1969 to 1974 Manual
2.8i Capri Supplement - Steering Gear - Capri 1969 to 1974 Manual
  Cooling System - Capri 1969 to 1974 Manual
Introduction Electrical System - Capri 1969 to 1974 Manual
Vehicle Identification Front Axle & Suspension - Capri 1973 Supplement
Engine - 2.8 Injection Cooling System - Ford Taunus 1976 Cortina 1977 Manual
Breakerless Ignition System Starting System - Ford Taunus 1976 Cortina 1977 Manual
Petrol Injection System  
Cooling System  

Images (Click them for larger image) -

Ford Capri Workshop Manual
Ford Capri MKII Workshop Manual
Ford Capri MKIII Workshop Manual
Ford Capri Wiring Diagram
Ford 2.8i Workshop Manual
Ford Capri 2.8i Workshop Manual


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