Nissan Electronic Parts catalogue on CD

Nissan Electronic Parts Catalogue (FAST System)

The Nissan Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC or FAST system) CD contains parts listings and numbers with diagrams for the complete range of Nissan cars and light commercials from early 80's to 2002. as well as cars this includes vans, pickup's and 4 x 4 vehicles as listed below

System can be used to identify parts on your Nissan allowing easy purchasing at your Nissan dealer as well as identifying any Nissan parts you have lying around.

As well as this the system also indicates replacement or supersceeded parts and has a search facility for identifying Nissan parts.

This is a useful tool for anybody contemplating maintenance of there Nissan

The following is included in this 2001, Ver 4.21 dated edition:

Nissan 100NX, model B13, 10/1990 to 10/1994

Nissan 200SX, model S13, 09/1988 to 12/1993

Nissan 200SX, model S14, 04/1994 to 09/1999

Nissan 280ZX, model S130, 07/1978 to 06/1983

Nissan 300ZX, model Z31, 01/1984 to 06/1989

Nissan 300ZX, model Z32, 01/1990 to 08/1996

Nissan Almera, model N15, 07/1995 to 04/2000

Nissan Almera (Japan), model N16, 04/2000 to 03/2001

Nissan Almera (UK), model 02/2000 on

Nissan Almera Tino, model V10M, 05/2000 on

Nissan Bluebird, model 910, 01/1980 to 12/1983

Nissan Bluebird, model U11, 11/1983 to 05/1990

Nissan Bluebird, model T12, 12/1985 to 02/1990

Nissan Bluebird, model T72, 07/1986 to 04/1990

Nissan Cabstar, model F22, 01/1982 to 06/1992

Nissan Cabstar, model F23, 07/1992 on

Nissan Cherry, model N10, 08/1978 to 09/1982

Nissan Cherry, model N12, 04/1982 to 07/1986

Nissan Cherry, model 04/1982 to 07/1986

Nissan Interstar, model X70, 02/2002 on

Nissan King Cab, model D21, 09/1985 to 02/1998

Nissan King Cab, model D22, 02/1998 on

Nissan Laurel, model C32, 11/1984 to 06/1990

Nissan Maxima, model J30, 12/1988 to 06/1994

Nissan Maxima, model A32, 10/1994 to 01/2000

Nissan Maxima, model CA33, 01/2000 on

Nissan Micra, model K10, 12/1982 to 11/1992

Nissan Micra, model K11E, 08/1992 to 11/2002

Nissan Micra, model K12E, 11/2002 on

Nissan Patrol(GR), model Y60, 08/1987 to 09/1997

Nissan Patrol(GR), model Y61, 10/1997 on

Nissan Patrol(R), model 160, 11/1979 to 08/1986

Nissan Pickup, model 720, 12/1980 to 09/1985

Nissan Prarie, model M10, 01/1983 to 10/1988

Nissan Prarie, model M11, 10/1988 to 07/1994

Nissan Primastar, model X83, 07/2002 on

Nissan Primera, model P10E, 05/1990 to 06/1996

Nissan Primera, model P11E, 06/1996 to 01/2002

Nissan Primera, model P12E, 01/2002 on

Nissan Primera Wagon, model W10, 07/1990 to 01/1998

Nissan Primera Wagon, model WP11E, 01/1998 to 01/2002

Nissan Serena, model C23M, 07/1992 on

Nissan Silvia, model S110, 01/1979 to 05/1983

Nissan Silvia, model S12, 10/1983 to 05/1988

Nissan Skyline, model R33, 08/97 to 09/1999

Nissan Skyline, model R34, 10/1999 to 08/2000

Nissan Stanza, model T11, 08/1981 to 12/1985

Nissan Sunny, model B11, 03/1982 to 08/1990

Nissan Sunny, model B12, 06/1986 to 10/1990

Nissan Sunny, model N13, 06/1986 to 10/1990

Nissan Sunny, N14, 10/1990 to 07/1995

Nissan Sunny Wagon, Y10, 11/1990 to 03/2000

Nissan Terrano 2, model R20, 02/1993 on

Nissan Urvan, model E23, 07/1980 to 02/1987

Nissan Urvan/King Van, model E24, 11/1986 to 05/1997

Nissan Vanette, model C120, 06/1981 to 06/1987

Nissan X-Trail, model T30, 06/2001 on

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Other CD's also available:-

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Nissan Primera P12 Workshop Manual

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1 x CD, 564MB


Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP Pro (32 Bit), Win 7 Home Premium (64 bit)


Dedicated Program


Level 2 - Straightforward (Click on link for further details)

NOTE - Installation for operating systems other than listed above cannot be guaranteed.

Unfortunately we are presently unable to provide this product/service

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