Nissan Terrano Workshop Manual on CD

Nissan Terrano 4 x 4 R20 Workshop Manual

Maintenance and repair manual (or Technical Information System - TIS) for the Nissan Terrano R20 4 x 4 from 1993 onwards. The Terrano was also known is other markets as the Nissan Mistral, Nissan Pathfinder and re-badged as the Ford Maverick.

Workshop manual is February 2002 version but many aspects of it should be applicable for newer models. It is in Adobe pdf format (which is included on CD) and can be used on many operating systems supporting Adobe Acrobat reader.

Manual can be used in German, English, Spanish & French.


The following versions are covered in this workshop manual:

Nissan Terrano 2 and 4 wheel drive versions

Nissan Primera Short Wheelbase & Long wheelbase

Nissan Terrano Hard Top and Wagon versions

Terrano SE - Luxury & Elegance

Terrano SR - Sport

Terrano S - Comfort


The following mechanical units are covered which may be applicable to other Nissan models:

Nissan TD27Ti Diesel engine

Nissan ZD30ETi Diesel engine

Nissan FS5R30A Manual Transmission (Gearbox)

Nissan RE4R01A Automatic Transmission (Gearbox)


Nissan Workshop Manual includes sections on:-

Maintenance, Engine, Engine control system, Clutch, Gearbox manual, Gearbox automatic, Front axle, Front suspension, Rear axle, Rear suspension, Braking system, Steering system, Restraint system, Body & trim, Heater & air conditioning, Electrical system.


Also available:-

Nissan Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) - Includes Terrano R20

Nissan Primers P12 Workshop Manual

Nissan Primera P11 Workshop Manual

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Nissan Terrano R20 Workshop Manual
Nissan Terrano R20 Workshop Manual
Nissan Terrano R20 Workshop Manual
Nissan Terrano R20 Workshop Manual
Nissan Terrano R20 Workshop Manual
Nissan Terrano R20 Wiring Diagram


1 x CD, 59MB


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